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Poker News

Well although I rarely write about poker news, mostly because I am usually really late on everything. This little tidbit is something worth talking about regardless of how late I am. The big news is that Texas is working on a bill that will make poker regulated and legal in their state. That part is not as significant as the part where it defines it as a skill game and not a lottery event. That could open the door for a federal exemption in the current law. Well although I an no lawyer, but it does potentially sound like good news. Its still in the works and a long way away from passing, at least someone is trying to work in our direction. There are a number of articles online about this HB 3186 law, you can read a little more about it at poker news.


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I think any law that legalizes poker, regardless of regulation is a step in the right direction. The feds don't have to pay attention to state laws when they draft their regulations, but they are susceptible to political pressure, and if they see several states moving one direction, especially if it looks like the movement is a result of pressure from the voters, then they might be influenced to move the same way.

A law like this certainly doesn't hurt, though.

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