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I Have a Gripe to pick with some of you bloggers.

Now my site is not on blogspot so I don’t have an account there. This means that some times I will be reading someone’s blog and find it interesting. I would love to write a response or a comment to some things but I cant when you block anonymous posters. Its one thing if you want to block spam from getting on your blog but come on, let me post! Oh well, I really don’t think anyone will change their blog because of me but it sure would be nice.

As for the last hand that I posted. I think the only place I might have made a mistake is preflop. Like some of you said if I had gone all in I may have been able to chase out some of the other players and fight heads up. I ended up calling the all in and so did the crazy guy to my left. The hands were (UTG 87suited) (A8 crazy guy) ( 99 button ) the BB had KQ suited. The board ended up giving the UTG a flush with all small cards. So the button took the rest of the pot. Now if everyone had folded to my reraise preflop I would have been left with 10k, and hurting bad. I am not really unhappy with the play, just the outcome. Next time 1stRule, next time….


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I always preview/authorise posts on my blog, but don't see the point in limiting your audience by using the 'no anonymous' setting if you can check what's being published before it appears. The only cost is a delay in the comment actually appearing, but it's a small price to pay I reckon.

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