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A Obvious Poker Tell

Today I was playing against this guy and he had one of the worst tells. He was an online player and it was one of his first times playing live. I am sure many of you who have played live know it. If not this may be a tell you want to avoid doing and look for from others. What he would do is every time he had a good hand he would explain WHY he was making a bet. Most people know this tell as “a speech and a bet”. People give all kinds of reasons why they are betting. It would be one thing if he was always talking but that wasn’t the case. He would only give these stories when he had a really good hand. I was able to save a lot of turn and river bets. I was having a rough day today with cards and I really think it was the only reason I was able to squeak out a small win.


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Can you explain this a little more? I have no idea of what he could be possibly saying when he was betting that could help him. Did he not know what he was doing? Online, I don't talk to my computer when I make bets.....


The types of things he would say were “well you have to bet scare cards, right?” Or “aw man you don’t have an ace do you?” then bets his full house. Sometimes these “tells” could be truthful so you have to get a good read on a person before you start dumping really strong hands.

I linked you up to my blog today. Feel free to put my link on yours.

Interesting table talk from your online/B&M player. I guess those may be the type of things I would say, too, so maybe I had better be careful when playing live.

I am a pretty successful online player but have only played B&M poker about five times in my life. I could see myself saying something when I had a good hand but being quiet when bluffing or playing a marginal hand. What a tell that would be. LOL

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