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What’s your theories on this hand?

Ok I am actually playing online, which is the first time in a very long time. So I am playing in the $11 tournament with one rebuy and one add on. There were about 800 people to start. We are about 120 left and the blinds are 400/800 and an ante of I think 50. I have 15k in chips. Average is about 30-40k some where in that area. I have been playing aggressive trying to steal a few blinds because my table has tightened way up. Except for the person to my left who is willing to go in at any random time with any random cards. The person to my right only has 5k in chips and is under the gun this hand and the big blind has about 12k.

Here is the hand: UTG goes all in and I have AK. First question; do you raise call or fold, and why? Here was my thought I just called because I wanted someone with a big stack to go all in over the top of me. If I had more chips I wouldn’t want to take this risk, but I needed the extra chips. The person to my left smooth calls. It goes around to the button and he goes all in for 60k, next highest stack in the hand has 32k (to my left). The big blind calls. Do you Call or fold, why? Let me know what you guys think and ill put up what happened in my next post.


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My instinct would not have been to call there, but either to push or get out. Yr plan makes sense, though (I'd also expect someone to try to squeeze you if you call), and in a sense it worked as you imagined it would except for Loose Larry on your left.

As far as what to do now, Loose Larry complicates the situation quite a bit. From what yr saying it sounds equally possible he could call or fold here. Likely holdings for the other two opponents (the big stack & the short stack) are a pocket pair & a hand you have dominated (Ax or Kx). I'm gonna guess Larry has -- as you say -- any two like J9-suited or something similarly speculative.

If Larry calls you, yr at best around 30% to triple up (or more). If Larry folds, yr obviously in much better shape -- probably at least 2/3 to beat one of the other opponents, and maybe just under 1/2 to beat 'em both.

Might be time to call, actually, considering the spot yr in as far as having a below avg. stack goes. If you fold yr "M" falls down under 10 & yr starting to get desperate. I'd probably call.

If you've flat called 5k already anyway that's a third of your stack. You can't fold now someone has pushed (which is what you said you wanted anyway). Even so you should have just pushed the hand from when it first got to you.


I agree with the comments above, i.e shove ot fold rather than call.

However in this situation, your probably behind to the big blind, who I will hazard a guess at Qs or Ks, the UTG has probably got a pair or A high but not As, and the loose player could have anything. However its an excellent opportunity to treble up if you hopefully hit, so with your stack size only having 10 orbits left, I would probably call - definetly if they were suited.

Good Luck online


I push preflop to try to isolate. A call looks like you are weak and trying to get in cheap. As played, I probably call. You're normally a coinflip against a pocket pair, but with this many people in the hand, some of your outs are almost certainly in their hands. All four of the other people who want to play can't have pocket pairs, and you probably only get calls from people holding at least an ace or a king. Still, you are getting pretty good odds, and I'm an idiot, so I call and probably go broke.

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