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A Recap of my Theories.

Well here is what I did. The reason I called the flop is because you have about the right odds to call. With implied odds it is profitable. Usually if the two limpers are willing to call the flop they will just call a second bet as well. Its not like no limit where you need to be worried about a huge reraise that you wont be able to call. Once the turn comes out and is a fourth heart, you know you cant be winning. You don’t have the correct odds and the implied odds are probably only one or two more bets. So I folded on the turn. In limit poker you want to fold risky plays if there is a chance you might have to call a raise behind you. Some people say call and if there is a raise fold. Well I would say that is even more wrong. If you call and they raise now you have better odds to call the next bet, and should. I think the best place to fold the hand is on the turn. The other two players end up just calling.

Another factor you want to think about is if another one of these players has one ace they you are down to three outs. With three callers there is a good chance that one of your outs is gone. Recalculating your odds with that in mind makes a call on the turn even less profitable.

Now I had been in a big slump all day and forcing my self to play well, so I was very happy I made that fold. That is until the river was an Ace. That would have been such a money card because the OG had a set of 4s. So they would have reraised me on the river with their full house. One of the limpers had a weak ace and the other had just the Queen high flush. So all my reads were close to correct, and I still think I did the right thing. I just really didn’t want the river to be an Ace or and Eight.

As for those who commented on my A10 hand. I was on another losing streak and played like a coward with a check. I Definitely should have bet, and know it. The other person had a weaker 10 that didn’t fill up.

I hate making mistakes like that. Its like dropping money one the way back to your car.


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An interesting hand -- and a frequently encountered situation.

By the way, the guys over on the Ante Up! podcast gave you some props on their show this week. They mention you on their blog as well -- http://blogs.tampabay.com/poker/


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