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I would just like to thank the writers of Ante Up for writing a good post about me, they also mentioned me in their broadcast. I had never even been to their site before and so I went to check it out. They had a lot of info on there, in both blog post format and pod casts that are all recorded and available to download. I especially liked the company that I was included with. I am still a newer blogger and I was included in a list with some of the Greats. Sorry just gassing up my ego a little. Anyway, I am all about scratching someone else’s back when they scratch mine so everyone should check out Ante UP!

Are People This Dumb?

I just got a spam email to my account that went on about how some guy cant find his other relatives. What he wants to do is give me 30 MILLION dollars that we will then split 50/50 in the end. All I need to do is give him full cooperation to enable the claim to go through. What I want to know is, does ANYONE answer this kind of an email and actually think they are going to make 15mil on the deal? It made me laugh a little.


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Awesome, man. It must be a great feeling to be mentioned there. What I like about your site, is that you aren't about advertising and referrals. It's about just about poker and wanting to talk about it.


Haha, that's pretty absurd. Sad thing is that I bet some people would answer it. I could use 15 million though.

It only takes one guy to answer one of those emails. They can send out tens of thousands of them in almost no time.

Congrats on the mention!

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