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Another Poker Hand to Analyze

Ok here is another hand that I am curious about what others would do. There were three limpers in a limit game and the button raises. I have Ah, 8h in the small blind. I call looking for the flush draw and willing to drop the ace if it looks like trouble. Everyone just calls. The flop comes out Ad, 8d, 4d. Now the correct play probably should have been to check raise the flop to get players to drop, but I wanted to play the reverse scare by betting into the flop. This sometimes scared players more because they don’t want to get raised and re-raised. I was also scared that the flop would be checked around for a free card. So I bet out on the flop and the limper before the PFR raised me. P.F.R. folded. Now the person who raised me (OG -old guy) had been playing very tight. I had to give him a lot of respect for a strong hand. So I just called, so did BOTH of the other limpers. Let me know what you all think each player has here. I thought that one person has an Ace, one has a Flush and one might have just the K of diamonds. So the turn card comes out 6d. Now that there is a 4 flush I check to the OG who bets again. Its my turn to act with two other players behind me. What do you do here and why?


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What do I think everyone has?

* one limper has a high diamond (probably the K, as you guessed)
* one limper has an ace (A9 or something, perhaps w/the 9d) -- also as you guessed
* the OG might have JdTd, but I'm going to guess he has 44 (a hand w/which he'd probably limp & call here)

What would I do?

If those are my reads, I'm probably going to have to let it go. I'm getting around 10-to-1 to call the OG (I think), but if I believe in my read I think one of the limpers is going to check-raise. That means I'm thinking there are only three cards left that give me the hand -- the case ace (since one is likely out) & the two eights -- so I don't want to get caught in the whipsaw here.

Interested to see what happened.

The bottom line is that someone has a diamond, so you have to let the hand go. Check-fold and lick your wounds.

I think I would have folded the hand after the flop.
With the 3 diamonds your hand is not good enough anymore.



First, I fold preflop because usually the flop will not be favorable and you're digging a hole by playing marginal hands out of position.

Second, you aren't going to be able to force anyone out here, even with a check-raise. There are too many bets in the pot at this point for anyone holding Kd or even Qd to fold, and someone may have flopped a set of 8's or 4's, though that's somewhat unlikely.

You can check fold the turn if you want, but you're probably getting pot odds to call and chase your 4 outer on the river. Call a single bet, but if the people acting behind you start raising, it's an easy fold.

You're a mile behind, but you call anyway, chasing 4 outs for one more big bet. If there's a raise behind you and the OG reraises, get out, but if there's just callers or one more bet, stick around and hope to blow up the two flushes that are in there with you.

I don't play much limit, but I would have folded here. Going against three opponents, it's very likely that someone is holding at least one diamond, especially the limpers that called after the OG raised.

I don't play a lot of limit either, but I think I would have folded post flop here. There's no way your hand is good. You are about 16% to improve if you see both the rutn and the river, and you are almost certainly going to have to pay multiple bets to see both cards with that many people in the pot. If this were no limit, I would expect all the money to go in on that turn card, and you KNOW you are way behind at that point with only 8% to improve.

Robert P.:

I would have folded as well. With that many people in the hand someone has to have a diamond. If OG was really tight, then I would have considered folding post-flop as well.

Is it interesting to anyone else that the button raised three limpers and everyone called? Is this the curse of the button?

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