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Does anyone out there live near Foxwoods? Anyone ever been to Foxwoods? A while back I took a trip up there and I was talking to one of the dealers, he happened to be a blogger as well. The funny thing was that neither of us wanted to say what our blogs were. I like the anonymous factor of my blog. But, lately I was thinking about coming out of the closet, by letting some people know who I was in the real world. Has this caused any large problems for any of you bloggers? That’s it, another short post.


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I try not to out myself unless it can benefit me in some way. Telling a new table or new people at a homegame that I blog is usually a bad idea because then I can't talk about them freely if I expect to see them again (homegame) or I out myself as someone who thinks critically about the game, giving away valuable info (casino). I'll sometimes mention it on my way out though, or I'll mention it if I think it'll earn me respect at the table that I can use later. In general, I just say that I write about poker and if they ask for followup info, I'll tell them. Sometimes if I'm having fun at a table or made a table friend, I'll even give the URL or ways to find my site. Its a nice way of 'advertising'.

As for friends and family, Dr. Pauly once told me that you should write for a month in a blog before telling anyone. It's good advice, and you are beyond one month, so its ok to out yourself. Just try not to mention it to any employeers or coworkers. Never good.


I have no problem people knowing who I am, however I will not share anything that is too personal to me.


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