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Just an Update

Well this last week I caught a really bad cold and cough, so to spare the other players at the table, I took the week off. I really needed a break anyway. I was starting to get that feeling that I was going to work again. So I don’t really have any direct poker stories to talk about, but I did remember another tell. Now I really don’t know how well this will translate onto other players. It is very specific to one player, but learning what others do is always helpful.

This was an older woman (60’s) who played every day. So she knew a lot of other players in the game. What she liked to do is show her “friends” her cards if they were not in the game. If she only showed one card it was almost always an Ace. If she showed two cards it was usually either two big cards that I would have raised, or any pair. On the big hands she would usually make some kind of comment to the player next to her about how she was going to lose to some bad player. I don’t really think that you can get a lot of useful information out of when she shows two cards, but the showing one card could be very helpful. Now unless people have been talking about any particular card, usually the only card a player will show preflop is an Ace. Remember this is all preflop. This was also when I was playing in a smaller game. It was just another tell I thought of sitting around.


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