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I played yesterday and it was almost a waste of time. I played for almost 14 hours which ended at 4am and really didn’t make much money at all. There was this one fish who couldn’t do anything right. Unfortunately what ever he did against me, the turn or river would make his stupid play good for him. This guy just turned 21 (ID’d for drinking vodka straight up) his hands were constantly shaking when he was in a hand. He always open limped and he didn’t put other people on hands. He would reraise people with hands that I wouldn’t even call with. So put simply this guy was testing my resistance to tilt. Eventually he won and I had to leave.

At one point the entire table tried to teach him how to handle chips. Every time it would come to him it would slow the game down watching him count out his chips into little stacks. He would then try to push in 4 little stacks at once with one hand. Then it was really painful to see him try and shuffle chips. He didn’t use his fingers. He would try to do it all with the palm of his hand and they kept falling over.

I am obviously still on tilt from all the rivers he would hit on me. Then he would just give all his chips to other people. Soooo frustrating.


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