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Poker Dreams

I have been playing poker almost every day for more then a month now. I have been racking up quite a few hours. I am starting to get signs that I might be playing too much. Last night I had a nightmare about poker. It was so stressful that I couldn’t go back to sleep for at least ten minutes. Ok here it is

I was playing in a hand and I had bottom set and another player had top set. We put a lot of action in on the turn and on the river I made quads. We went about 6 bets on the river. When he finally called he turned his hand over and so did I. Now for some reason the dealer mucked his hand and the flop and began to push him the pot. I protested that I had the winning hand and he then replied that he couldn’t remember what the flop was. So he said he would need to call the floor over but until then he had to give the other guy this giant pot. I franticly look for a floor person, but there is none to be found. As this is all going on the other player is stacking all the chips from the pot into his stack. So we now wont know how much money was in the pot. The dealer even moves on to the next hand and I am getting very stressed out. That’s when I woke up. My heart was racing. I kept telling myself, its just a dream, don’t worry about the money. It took me a while to get over it.

Its kind of funny that I had forgot about all the dreams I use to have about poker. Not the hopes and future plans kind of dreams, but the night time dreams. Some were good and some were bad but when all you do is play poker all day for a month what else am I going to dream about?

Now I know I am not the only one out there dreaming about poker so I would love to hear some other dreams you guys might be having. You can leave out the ones where someone ends up naked, I have had those too.


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Have had those, though not lately. Always involves me making some huge, obvious blunder, like misreading the board or folding the best hand. Am probably stuck big time in dreamland.

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