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What Would You Do?

Ok I have two hands that I would like to see how many of you would play the same way that I did. First I would like to say that I was playing in a game that had been pacified by one guy that limped in every single hand and would stay to the river with anything. Oh and he was killing us all. So every hand was 4-6 players and usually limped preflop.

I was on the button with AT off. 4 people had limped before me and both the blinds called the hand. The flop was 7c 8h 10h. UTG opened the betting on the flop and two people called. I raised and the blinds folded, everyone else just called. The turn was Ts. The flop was checked to me and I bet. UTG raises and the other two players folded. I quickly 3 bet because I would have seen more action on the flop if she had a better hand, so the turn could not have helped her any more then it helped me. She just called the reraise. The river was a Queen, and she checked to me. Do you bet the river? Why?

Ok I am a little upset now because while writing this first post I cant remember the other hand I wanted to post. I am sure I will think of it again but for now ill just start with this one.


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If you think you are ahead on the flop and turn, then I don't see why you dont' bet the river. The only good reason to check is that you don't want to give her a chance to check-raise you with a better hand, but that seems unlikely here unless she has QQ or QT. If she has those, so be it, but most of the time you are ahead (assuming it was not a Qh or she wasn't on a flush draw). If she folds, so be it. You protect yourself by not having to show your hand and provide the table with information.

Bet the river. Sometimes players in these loose passive games will limp in with hands like AA-JJ and she may have the case ten and a weaker kicker.

Yes bet the river. Every time. So many times you have the better kicker and it plays in these trip situations. Make the most of it. Every once in a while its one of those rivered straights or QQ over pairs hitting a boat, but not enough to justify checking. You have to bet.


The question isn't "Do I bet on the river?" The question is "How much do I bet on the river?" You have to bet for all the reasons that your previous commentors have said above and many more.

The size of the bet is key. You, of course, want to bet the largest amount that he will call.

I like to either do a little acting before a bet of the same size as my turn bet hoping he will think I am bluffing and come over top of me. Where I call and rake the pot.

Or to actually back off on the bet size and bet 3/4's of your turn bet. Yes it looks funny to him but it might be just small enough, just funny enough, and just curious enough to see if his pot-commented-hand might actually win. Any money is better than no money. Get what you can get from him. You've already won the pot. If he folds no big deal.

That's just my opinion.



Easy river bet. She missed both draws and could have had two pair counterfeited, or she could have an overpair.

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