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Analyzing a poker hand

I played a hand the other day that sparked some interest from a player who ended up losing the hand because of the way I played. It also started a discussion. First off I was in a rather loose game with lots of limpers and callers. I was playing lower then I usually do. The player under the gun limped and I limped behind him with AT off suit. There was one limper behind me along with the big blind in the hand to see the flop. The flop was Ts, 8h, 5h. The BB and UTG players checked and I bet. Everyone called and UTG raised me. I had some respect for this player and thought about re-raising him to get the others to drop, but I didn’t. Everyone called. The turn was a 5c. UTG bets into me again. I think about it for a while and then fold my hand. So does the person to my left and the BB raises. The river paired the 8s and the BB bets which is called by the UTG. I then told the UTG that I had him beat on the flop before seeing any of the cards. BB had A5 for trips (river full house) and UTG had QT hearts. He asked what I had and told him. He said that I should have 3 bet the flop to get everyone else out of the hand. I said that may have turned out to be correct in this hand but I went though all the hands he could have had and couldn’t think of one that I could beat. I usually would 3 bet top pair A kicker but in that spot he made such a strong move that it really showed power. I then said he would do it with hands like small set or over pair or even possibly AT. I then asked how many hands would he do that move with that I could still beat? Right away I thought about KT and said he wouldn’t make the move with KT so I must be either tied or way behind. ( I never thought of QT hearts) So my rule is if you are behind you want as many people as possible in the hand to give you better odds on your draw. That’s why I didn’t 3 bet the flop. Folding the turn was just a read I had on both players that I couldn’t be winning any longer so I didn’t want to get involved for 3 more large bets.

Let me know what you think of the hand and if you would have 3 bet or called the hand down.


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Very interesting hand.

A check-raise in that spot sometimes does indicate a hand like flush draw + pair, in addition to the other hands you mentioned. It's a good play because he already had 3 players in and they would all at least call one more bet. he's getting 3-to-1 on his money when he is 2-to-1 to make a flush by the river plus he could improve to trip Tens or two pair. Also, it conceals the strength of his hand and could cause a better hand like AT/KT to fold. He made a good raise on the flop.

On a flop like that, I am only going to 3-bet if I have the Ace of Hearts. With that many players in the pot, you are extremely likely to be up against a flush draw (and possibly a straight draw). With the Ace of Hearts, you at least have a potential redraw to the nut flush if a Heart hits the turn.

Once the turn came, you were getting 7.25-to-1 to call his bet. Making two pair or trips gives you 5 outs, roughly 8-to-1 against making your hand. Since you could make your hand and still lose, I think the fold by you on the turn was a good play.

Well played hand by you.

1st Rule:

I did have the Ace of hearts. That is why i called the turn to see if i could improve in some way. I would call down if i hit an ace queen or heart on the turn.

I also agree with his play, and i think i might have done it as well. Probably not with only two people behind me i would have wanted to make sure there was 1 bet in and if raised i would have even 3 bet the QT.

I probably call it down, but I'm a notorious donkey. I like Michael's analysis. Well played.

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