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Go Be "NICE"

I received a comment earlier from someone saying that another blogger had pimped my site in a post. Excited to see what someone else had said I went to Go Be Rude which is where the supposed post was. I went on reading several posts of his and although I liked the content I couldn’t find the post. I sent a message back to the source and found that there was a mistake. I think it was a good mistake because I liked the blog. I would have liked to post a comment in the comment box but I don’t have a Google ID. Maybe someone can go there and post one for me, let him know his ears should be ringing.

His latest post “Running out of Steam” is right where I was just a few months into blogging so I can only imagine the walls that long time bloggers run into. The biggest thing that got me through the tough spot was other bloggers. Knowing that what I was writing was actually being read and comments of encouragement in each post. It sounds to me that he feels the pressure to write spectacular posts all the time. I don’t really think that his readers expect that. I think his biggest problem is that he is editing his posts because he thinks they are dull. They might be but sometimes they are just what someone else is thinking about, and thus an interesting topic to them. You cant always write to please everyone. Just write what you think about, be honest and descriptive and usually people like you will find it interesting. Some of the most random, rambling posts can be the most fun to read.

Anyway, everyone who reads this post should go read his blog and either kick him when he is down or try to cheer him up. I figure either way it will give him the spark he needs to make blogging fun again.


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hey Howdy..

thanks for stopping by my blog and giving the thumbs up on my nephew... and a happy birthday to yourn as well, a tad early..

as far as people reading and commenting on blogs.. I used to worry about that.. then at some point figured I was just writing to please myself, so, quit worrying. and that made comments like yours so much the better.. and when Some Bloggers, like Pauly, who don't comment, but mention something from your blog at a Vegas gathering.. well.. its cake with icing.

Nice hat collection.

Dugglebogey is definitely one of the good guys and a must read. I think it was Jordan at High on Poker who was pimping your blog recently.

Keep up the good work!

Mistake corrected.

Thanks for the shout and the nice words.

Hey 1st Rule . . . I saw the post yr talkin' about, I believe. Check out High On Poker -- not the most recent post, but the one before, I think.

And ya, DuggleBogey's always worth readin'.

Yeah, it was me, in my High On/Low On post. You were the High part. I like what you're doing 1st, and you seem to have a quick grasp of what works. You have to find your own style and just put it out there. Sometimes you'll hit a home run and sometimes you'll ground out, but at least you are putting on a show.

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