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Good poker, Great cards

Ok well I had one of those days today that you only could have lost more. First of all I had aces either 8 or 9 times in 6 hours of live poker. I think that is more times then I have ever had them in that short of a time. In the first 5 times once I raised and stole the blinds and one other time it was in the BB and I chopped the blinds with SB. I won a small pot and lost a small pot on a gutshot river (heads up) So at this point it wasn’t going well for my aces on the day, but had not shown any hands that I didn’t win or wasn’t called. So nobody had any idea how many times I had already had aces. Ok, here comes the rush. UTG limps and I raise, left of me 3 bets. There is two cold calls, BB calls and so does the limper. I raise because any draw is going to call to the river anyway so I might as well make them pay max. The flop is J,9,4 two clubs. Which isn’t a bad flop but I know that against that many other people anything could be bad. I bet the flop and EVERYONE calls. Another player says, at least nobody raised, I replied “ That’s not the type of flop someone would raise the flop” Implying that they would wait for the turn. The turn is an 7s. I bet again hoping I can get any two pair or set draw to drop. Two people call and the third (preflop cold call) raises. I think about it and determine that there is a high number of hands that he could have that I could beat on the river (I have played against him before). So I make my crying call. The river is a blank and only call because of the size of the pot. He takes the hand down with 8,10 for a straight. I am not happy but take a deep breath and calm down for the next hand.

The cards are dealt and I look down and have AA again. Always a perfect situation because everyone puts you on tilt. I raise again and the person to my left three bets again. Same two people cold call and the bb calls. The flop is K,J,7. I bet the flop and everyone calls, I bet the turn (4) and everyone calls the river is an 8 and because of the value in the pot I know I can get a lot of people to call, so I bet again. Everyone just calls. So I think I might be good. I turn over my hand and then the person who 3 bet me turns over 9,10. For a straight. I had told everyone that I had aces the hand before so they knew I was not happy. Now very steamed I fold my hand and don’t say anything, until he tries to tell me how big the pot and starts to count it for a second time trying to show me. I then say “yea, thanks” I was kind of upset I said anything, I really don’t like to lose control of my emotions at the table and go back into hiding. I fold the next hand. I seriously think about going home but I was on a 5 day winning streak and wanted to keep it going. I said to myself wouldn’t it be great if I could come back and play perfect poker, it would make for a good blog post. This gives me some confidence and determination.

On the button my first card is an Ace and I say “no?” in my head. I get a Q to go with it and there is one limper. So I raise and he is the only caller. The flop is Q high and I bet and he folds. I don’t show and win the small pot. Now happy that I had won my next hand it gives me hope that I really can come back. The next 2 hands I fold.

Then in middle position I look down and AGAIN I have ACES! There is one limper and I raise again. I really want to get paid off so I make sure to keep a good poker face. Even after the player next to me stares at me until the action is complete. The person who three bet me the other two hands calls, so does the 8, 10 guy, along with the BB and limper. The flop comes out 7QQ. Now that is either a great flop or a really bad flop. The action gets to me and I toss out a bet. Two people call. The first caller is the 8 10 guy and the second caller was the bb. Now I know there are a lot of hands that they both would have called with so when the turn is a K I am actually happy. That way I would get paid off with some hands and makes a bet worth it. I bet and only 8 10 guy calls. Anyway the river is a small blank and I bet again and get raised. I am ready to go home so first I turn over my hand and show everyone that I have AA again and call. He turns over KQ. Which is at least more of a real hand.

I would like to say sorry for all those who had to read this bad beat story. But I really had to vent a little. I guess I should have added to the title



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Feel your pain about the Aces being cracked. I can't bring myself to play Hold'em ar Harvey's Lake Tahoe anymore from my last hand there. Dealt AhAd, raise preflop UTG and cap
when betting gets back to me. 8 people see flop (WTF), flop is As Th 5h, I bet flop and cap again when it get's back to me. 5 see turn. Turn is 6c. I lead out again and get to cap turn. Then river is Jh, making 1 gutshot and 3 flushes best one is Qh.

You owe me a $1 for reading that. :)

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