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257 Days

257 days since Bush signed the bill that changed my life. I really hope in another 257 days someone signs a bill that says poker is a skill game that should be 100% legal to play online.

What has it really accomplished? People still play online. If I was Full Tilt I think I would mark that day October 13th as a holiday. It made what was a medium site with all the potential in the world, explode with players. Poker Stars, who was the second largest site, is now the largest with more then double the number of players. If I was the CEO of Party Poker I would feel like the red headed step child of poker. They have to sit outside and watch everyone eat while they wait for leftover scraps. Instead on one online banking site (neteller) people use a number of different methods to get money online and some are even easier then before. The only thing I can think of is that it scared the average guy away from the online tables. Honestly I think it only did that for about 2-4 months. I cant see it stopping the underage college player from playing. They knew it was illegal for them anyway and ( they / I ) still found a way around it. What else did it do? Well it did point out another fine example of how hypocritical our government can be when it comes to padding their pockets. I mean seriously, do you know of any professional lottery players? Let me know when you find one because I want to know where the positive EV is.

One more thought. Has anyone had any updates on the status of Neteller accounts for US players. I have basically given up on the money but it wouldn’t be a bad bonus to get in the mail one day. I seriously think my readership has taken a dive. Its all my fault but it is kind of sad. Its tough to talk about poker when I don’t get a chance to play that much. Once I make some money in the real estate biz ill be back at the tables. Right now I have a 1.5m restaurant to sell and a 700k house, so either one would be a fat paycheck.

One more added note. I would like to give a shout out to the four bloggers who keep up with the crap I have to say. They are all good blogs with far more interesting things to say about poker then what I have. Please check them out. Short-Stacked Shamus Mike Wolverine Fan Jordan from High On Poker


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Supposedly, they are supposed to make some kind of ruling by July 13th. Cross your fingers.

I still read this shit too.

Thanks for the shoutout. You make some great points about how the law hasn't done anything other than shift the market. I'm sure that there has been a cut in the amount of players, specifically, mostly recreational players (but mind you, not MOST recreational players), but the point is, the law did not and does not work.


Thanks for the link.

Looking forward to you making that sale, then back to the stories from the tables.

All the best


Thanks for the mention, it is greatly appreciated.
I think things are slowly changing for poker and, maybe, in the next 6 months we will be back and bonus whoring multiple sites.

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