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June 8, 2007

Mike made me do it

Yea real work really has taken over most of my free time. Especially because I have not made any money yet. It takes so long to go from getting a client to a paycheck that it really sucks. That’s why I have not played too much. I would be on a short bank roll and don’t want to play like that.

I did go once the other day and ended with such a bad beat that I didn’t want to go back. I was not going to write about it because I try to stay away from bad beat blogs. But considering it was about a week and a half ago and I still remember it like it was yesterday, ill share.

Now the beat its self was just like any other bad beat. That’s not what cost me so much money. It was the fact that this person played her hand the worst way possible on every street except the river. Ok it was 5 limpers preflop, The button is the only person who called behind me and I have pocket 7’s. The flop is 7,5,2, with two diamonds. Bb checks utg bets, one person folds and I smooth call. Button raises. BB calls two bets cold. Utg calls so do I. As I am calling, a read flashed in my head that the button has a flush draw. I could have three bet but I didn’t want to give away the strength of my hand. The turn was a 3. Bb checks utg checks, now because it wasn’t a diamond I bet into the button. Everyone just calls. The river is the money card for me, the 3 of diamonds. Everyone checks to me and I already know the button has the diamonds so I check. He bets, BB raises, I 3 bet. Button gets all pissed and folds. BB raises, I raise, they raise, I raise, they raise, now at this point I want to raise again. I think to myself that there is no way that they would have called two bets cold on the flop with 3’s. Then if they did why didn’t they raise on the turn? They already had everyone in the pot, so we would have called the second bet. At this point I really want to raise again. But I tell myself that she wouldn’t raise that many times with out quads. So I just call. Yup, four threes. I still won money for that day, but to make sure I did I left shortly after that hand.

Well thanks again for everyone keeping up with my blog. Ill try to do a better job, but itll be slow until I get some cash flow.

June 26, 2007

My post for Today

I finally got around to playing a little online poker today. Was not a lot only about 2 hours of two tables 6 handed. I did alright. Didn’t win a lot, but it got the blood rushing for a bit. I wanted to go up to the casino but I didn’t have the time to commit 7 hours to play. I got to tell you this job of mine is really hurting my poker time. On top of that I am getting jealous of some of my friends that are all out in Vegas right now and I have responsibilities to take care of. Man this sux. They really need to legalize online poker so that everyone can go back to playing. I don’t want to have to worry about “will I have a job next week” It would be quite a shock to more then a few people if tomorrow it was just turned off.

On another note. I just saw that Full Contact Poker is combining with stars? The way I got the emails it seemed like a scam. Well I hope its true. I have a bunch of money in FCP that I couldn’t get out. If they send it all to stars I can have them send me a check or something. Well that’s about all I have for today. Good luck everyone.

June 29, 2007

257 Days

257 days since Bush signed the bill that changed my life. I really hope in another 257 days someone signs a bill that says poker is a skill game that should be 100% legal to play online.

What has it really accomplished? People still play online. If I was Full Tilt I think I would mark that day October 13th as a holiday. It made what was a medium site with all the potential in the world, explode with players. Poker Stars, who was the second largest site, is now the largest with more then double the number of players. If I was the CEO of Party Poker I would feel like the red headed step child of poker. They have to sit outside and watch everyone eat while they wait for leftover scraps. Instead on one online banking site (neteller) people use a number of different methods to get money online and some are even easier then before. The only thing I can think of is that it scared the average guy away from the online tables. Honestly I think it only did that for about 2-4 months. I cant see it stopping the underage college player from playing. They knew it was illegal for them anyway and ( they / I ) still found a way around it. What else did it do? Well it did point out another fine example of how hypocritical our government can be when it comes to padding their pockets. I mean seriously, do you know of any professional lottery players? Let me know when you find one because I want to know where the positive EV is.

One more thought. Has anyone had any updates on the status of Neteller accounts for US players. I have basically given up on the money but it wouldn’t be a bad bonus to get in the mail one day. I seriously think my readership has taken a dive. Its all my fault but it is kind of sad. Its tough to talk about poker when I don’t get a chance to play that much. Once I make some money in the real estate biz ill be back at the tables. Right now I have a 1.5m restaurant to sell and a 700k house, so either one would be a fat paycheck.

One more added note. I would like to give a shout out to the four bloggers who keep up with the crap I have to say. They are all good blogs with far more interesting things to say about poker then what I have. Please check them out. Short-Stacked Shamus Mike Wolverine Fan Jordan from High On Poker

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