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A new hand for you

I am in the bb with K6 off-suit. UTG limps and so does the next person. 3 other people limp making it a total of 7 people in the hand. The flop comes KK6. I check and everyone checks. The turn is a 7. Not a great card because it wont give much action but there is a good chance someone has a king out there. I bet hoping that someone thinks I just have a 7. Utg folds and the next person calls, so does the button. Mid position guy is kind of tight but I have only been playing with him for half an hour. Button is quite loose. The river is a 9. I bet mid position raises, button folds. I Reraise he four bets. What does he have and what do I do now?

Don’t read the next part until you have thought it out and make a comment.

Here was everything I thought of. On the turn there was a flush draw. If the Mid pos guy had K9 he would have raised the turn. If he had 66, 77, or 99 he could have either smooth called or raised the turn. He could have had K7 or K6 but I didn’t think he would limp in that early with those hands. So I came to the conclusion that there were more hands that I could beat then that I lost to. Since he almost def didn’t have K9 he couldn’t reraise me again. So I reraised him. He got a little angry and just called. I with out a lot of confidence said K6, and he turned over K7. Now looking back I think all my logic was correct, I just forgot to add one other thing. If I think he is kind of a tight player what hand would he 4-bet me with. I really thought that the 7 helped him so I thought he had 77. But would he have 4 bet me with 77, looking back I really don’t think so. Especially because I was in the blind and could have had a number of hands that beat him. I wish I thought of that a little earlier. Its one of those hands that I could have saved a few bets on the river but I was going to lose a lot any way you look at it. Let me know what you guys think about my thought process.


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