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The kind of hands that make me mad

I was playing the other day in a really tight game. The average pot was like 7 bets. I had had aces a bout 5 times on the day and twice everyone folded. It was that kind of a day. The only up side was that I was able to make a lot of steals and out play people. When playing in this type of game its very important to maximize every hand you win. So one hand when I had aces I raised two limpers, the button and BB both called. The flop came out K 10, 4. Two diamonds. I bet and the two limpers called. The turn was a rag and I bet again, only the UTG limper called. On the river I was watching his face for any reaction and it was a diamond. When it hit it took him a second and he cracked a big smile, then stopped and checked. This was a younger fellow and I took it as maybe he thought it was funny that I was just staring at him. So, I threw out a bet, he paused for a second and raised me. I didn’t take the time to think and threw in the call. He then showed me the flush. Now I am not angry that I bet. Because there are a lot of times that you make extra money in limit poker by making these extra bets. But I am PISSED that I called the raise. There was really no hand that I could win against other then a bluff. After the smile he gave me he had to have the flush. Anyway that was yesterday and I am still mad about that extra bet.

The second hand was much simpler. I was in the BB with two limpers. The flop was A84 and I had 97. The flop was checked around. The turn was an 8. Now I had been betting turn cards like this all day so I figured I would go for the check raise steal this time. I checked and the last guy bet, I raised and after the other guy folded he three bet me. Now I don’t really think he has an 8 but he could have checked something big on the flop that is now a full house, so I folded. He was so happy that he finally out played me that he showed me king high. Which was obviously good, but I didn’t tell him that. The point was that him showing that hand gave me a lot of information about how he sees me as a player. It also says he is willing to put in a lot of money against me. I was able to super slow play a set against him and took a big pot from him later. Anyway me folding that hand to a “play” and then him showing me still does not make me as mad as that one big bet…ggrrrrrr..


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I'm not so sure that the bet on the diamond flush board wasn't a mistake. There are a few scenarios. One is that he has nothing, in which case he folds. I suppose this has some benefit since you do not have to show your aces, but in this case with a tight table, you want to be able to table those aces so people think you are playing tight too, but just getting run over with the deck.

Another possibility is that he calls with a worse hand. That is definitely a possibility, since he called you down the whole way. Maybe he has KQ and is happy with top pair. In this case, the bet here makes sense.

The final scenario is that he check-raises you. I don't actually mind the call on the check-raise, because now you are so pot committed, you are probably hoping that he went to war with AK or KQ (top pair, solid kicker).

So, out of three scenarios, only one actually benefits you, when he has top pair or another calling hand. Otherwise, you give him a chance to raise you, like he did. Imagine if you just checked and he had to table his flush AND look foolish for checking the river.

Admittedly, my analysis isn't 100% worked out. It all depends on the range you put him on, and the probability of each of the aforementioned scenarios playing out. That said, a lot of times, I will check the river because I'm either facing a situation where I'll get no more money anyway (when he folds) OR I'm setting myself up to lost to a hand that is willing to call or raise that river bet (like the flush or even rivered two-pair).

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