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10 6 suited

Last night I decided to play the late shift. So I didn’t get to the casino until 9 and played only until about 2:30. Man did I pick a dead seat for good cards. The only up side to the seat was that the two people to my left would always open limp which gave my big blind a lot of protection from steals. it’s a good thing too. In 5 hours of play the only good cards I got were, AKs, AKo, AJs, JJ, and TT. But I didn’t win with any of them. The only hands I managed to keep even with was 52 of diamonds in the BB for a flopped flush, 87 on the button for second pair that held up, 45 suited that I check raised the flop with bottom pair, got called down to the river and a pair of 4s were good. And I called in the SB with 10 6 suited after 7 limpers, I also flopped a flush. So the best hand I won with all night was 10 6 suited. I managed to squeak out a small win on the night so at least that was good. With the cards I was getting I should have been way down.

On an off topic, Monday I start my first “real” job. Even this isn’t a 9-5 job. I figured I couldn’t handle that. I am getting my license to be a real estate agent. I finish my classes on Friday and take my test soon after that. If I do say so myself I think going 28 years supporting myself with out a real job was quite good. Even though the market is not as hot as it was a year ago, real estate is something I wanted to get into for a long time now. Besides it goes well with poker, agent by day - Player by night.

I was out wondering around the cyber world of poker bloggers and found that I am not the only one out there starting a new job. So if you are one of those people I’ll just say Cheers and good luck to all of us, in life and our new adventures.


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RiverRun is in real estate if you ever have any questions maybe he can help you? (although he is canadian.. i dont know if that makes a difference)


You certainly don't want to be in real estate in the State of Michigan. The rest of the nation may be all right.

Like anything else, the really expensive places will still sell as those people never experience a recession or depression.

Good luck.

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