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April 3, 2007

The kind of hands that make me mad

I was playing the other day in a really tight game. The average pot was like 7 bets. I had had aces a bout 5 times on the day and twice everyone folded. It was that kind of a day. The only up side was that I was able to make a lot of steals and out play people. When playing in this type of game its very important to maximize every hand you win. So one hand when I had aces I raised two limpers, the button and BB both called. The flop came out K 10, 4. Two diamonds. I bet and the two limpers called. The turn was a rag and I bet again, only the UTG limper called. On the river I was watching his face for any reaction and it was a diamond. When it hit it took him a second and he cracked a big smile, then stopped and checked. This was a younger fellow and I took it as maybe he thought it was funny that I was just staring at him. So, I threw out a bet, he paused for a second and raised me. I didn’t take the time to think and threw in the call. He then showed me the flush. Now I am not angry that I bet. Because there are a lot of times that you make extra money in limit poker by making these extra bets. But I am PISSED that I called the raise. There was really no hand that I could win against other then a bluff. After the smile he gave me he had to have the flush. Anyway that was yesterday and I am still mad about that extra bet.

The second hand was much simpler. I was in the BB with two limpers. The flop was A84 and I had 97. The flop was checked around. The turn was an 8. Now I had been betting turn cards like this all day so I figured I would go for the check raise steal this time. I checked and the last guy bet, I raised and after the other guy folded he three bet me. Now I don’t really think he has an 8 but he could have checked something big on the flop that is now a full house, so I folded. He was so happy that he finally out played me that he showed me king high. Which was obviously good, but I didn’t tell him that. The point was that him showing that hand gave me a lot of information about how he sees me as a player. It also says he is willing to put in a lot of money against me. I was able to super slow play a set against him and took a big pot from him later. Anyway me folding that hand to a “play” and then him showing me still does not make me as mad as that one big bet…ggrrrrrr..

April 5, 2007

Poker Rule #111: Stick to the game plan

Before I ever get to a card room I always try to come up with some goals and limits. I also decide which game is best to play with my current bank roll and still able to reach my goal. The reason for doing this before I get to the casino is, that way I don’t let my emotions lead the way. Well this time I let boredom get me this time.

I have been playing very well lately and with a few more good wins I could double my limits again. That would put me in the game I want to play. Its also a much faster, aggressive, and skilled game. Well while I was waiting for the lower limit game I wondered around the room and found the larger of the two games had a open seat in a soft “must move” game. Now I had only brought just enough for a reasonable buy in but convinced myself that it was a “good” idea to sit in this game. At the time it was 6 handed and so I would make it 7. Unfortunately after sitting down I lost two smaller hands quickly and was stuck in the game. Then two players got up to go eat and another was moved to the must move main game. A new player sat in but he was much tighter then the fish that he was replacing. So now I was in a game larger then I wanted, short stacked and playing short handed. I should have got up right then, but no. I saw myself missing chances to steal pots that I would never miss in the smaller game. Well to make this story short, I managed to take two bad beats and was out of chips. I didn’t have enough to cover the swings so I went home broke. I guess the only up side was that it all happened so quickly that I was able to get home and still go out that night. Although I would much rather all my money back instead.

What’s a Must Move Game?

It just dawned on me that some people might not know what a “must move” game is. So for all you online players here is a good term you should know. In many casinos the floor will open up a new game with a limited list of players. They will then designate it as a must move game. That basically means that is still a list to get in the main game but you get to play while you wait. When a player in the main game leaves the next player on the must move list MUST move to the main game or go home. They do this to protect players in the main game. If they didn’t do this they might clear the list of waiting players and if a few people get up from the first game it could cause it to be short handed and then break. Its just not fair to make a player who has been playing for the last 24 hours to get up and now wait inline for a new seat.

There have been many arguments about players not wanting to move from the must move because they are usually much softer games. Many bad players never even make it to the main game because they go broke in the must move game. When you sit in a game make sure that you look at all the faces at the table, before you move make sure everyone else has moved. Sometimes people will “forget” to put their name on the list or not admit that its their turn. That way they can stay longer.

It’s a good idea to know all the terms for live poker because I know I peg players as either beginners or online only players if they don’t know them.

Don’t make Enemy unless you have to.

One more thing that happened the last day I played was I was in a game and after some restructuring of the players at the table, I noticed it had gotten very tight. So I, thinking ahead, asked the players to my right and left if they chop blinds or play them out. One player said yes I will chop. The second player gave me an inquisitive look. I said it again and he came out with a super strong accent saying that I don’t understand, no speak English very good. Now I had already heard him say something with much less of an accent so I knew he was lying. I thought about saying something but decided that I would need him to be willing to fold hands to me. I definitely didn’t want him to play over me every hand. So I said nothing and said to myself it the chop option comes up he is to my right so he will need to act first. And because he is already being an a** and wants to look at his cards first, I will do the same. If I like my cards ill play. The option never came up and there was a hand where I flopped a straight and played it fast only after a 3 flush was on board. If he was angry at me it could have cost me a lot more, he had a medium flush.

April 8, 2007

10 6 suited

Last night I decided to play the late shift. So I didn’t get to the casino until 9 and played only until about 2:30. Man did I pick a dead seat for good cards. The only up side to the seat was that the two people to my left would always open limp which gave my big blind a lot of protection from steals. it’s a good thing too. In 5 hours of play the only good cards I got were, AKs, AKo, AJs, JJ, and TT. But I didn’t win with any of them. The only hands I managed to keep even with was 52 of diamonds in the BB for a flopped flush, 87 on the button for second pair that held up, 45 suited that I check raised the flop with bottom pair, got called down to the river and a pair of 4s were good. And I called in the SB with 10 6 suited after 7 limpers, I also flopped a flush. So the best hand I won with all night was 10 6 suited. I managed to squeak out a small win on the night so at least that was good. With the cards I was getting I should have been way down.

On an off topic, Monday I start my first “real” job. Even this isn’t a 9-5 job. I figured I couldn’t handle that. I am getting my license to be a real estate agent. I finish my classes on Friday and take my test soon after that. If I do say so myself I think going 28 years supporting myself with out a real job was quite good. Even though the market is not as hot as it was a year ago, real estate is something I wanted to get into for a long time now. Besides it goes well with poker, agent by day - Player by night.

I was out wondering around the cyber world of poker bloggers and found that I am not the only one out there starting a new job. So if you are one of those people I’ll just say Cheers and good luck to all of us, in life and our new adventures.

April 12, 2007

Poker Hand Ranking

I have had a few people post comments in my blog about the ranking of poker hands. I even got a hit from google on the term “what is better then what in poker“. I actually thought I had listed it in the rules section but I didn’t. I would think the Poker Hand Ranking order is kind of important for someone trying to learn the game. There really isn’t much point in telling people Texas Holdem Rules or 7 Card Stud Rules if I don’t include the order of which hands are ranked.

Now first we need to remember that in most poker games you are given 7 cards to use and have to come up with the best 5 card hand. You never use a 6th card to determine a tie breaker. So here we go:

Best Hand Possible in Poker

ROYAL FULSH (Royal Straight Flush) - This would be the Ace, King, Queen, Jack and Ten all matching suits. (Ah, Kh, Qh, Jh, Th)

STRAIGHT FLUSH - Five cards in sequence and all the same suit. (9s, 8s, 7s, 6s, 5s)

FOUR OF A KIND - All four of one value. (5c, 5s, 5h, 5d, Xx)

FULL HOUSE - Three of one value and two of another. You would read it as the trips “full of” the pair; fours full of jacks. (4s, 4h, 4c, Jd, Js)

FLUSH - All five cards are the same suit. Winning flush goes by the highest card. Queen high flush; (4h, 9h, Qh, 2h, 8h)

STRAIGHT - Five cards in a sequence. Winning straight goes by the highest card in the sequence. Seven high straight (7c, 6h, 5s, 4s, 3d)

THREE OF A KIND - (Trips, Set) Three of one value. The winning hand is determined by the highest three of a kind value. Trip eights ( 8h, 8s, 8c, Xx, Xx)

TWO PAIR - Two combinations of two equal values. The winning hand is first determined by the highest of the pairs and then the second pair. If there is still a tie they use the 5th card (the kicker) as a tie breaker. You read the hand a the higher pair “over” the lower pair. Jacks over threes (Js, Jd, 3c, 3s, Xx)

ONE PAIR - Any combination of two cards the same value. The highest pair wins the hand. If there is a tie you use the remaining three high cards to determine the winner. Compare hands one high card at a time starting with the highest card in the hand, until one hand wins. You may not need all three cards. And there can be a tie. A pair of fours (4c, 4d, Xx, Xx, Xx)

HIGH CARD - Any hand that has none of the hands listed above. If two players have only high cards then they match cards in order starting with the highest card until one hand is larger then the other. You do not need to compare all five cards in the hand if the first card is higher then the other hands highest card.

h = hearts
s = Spades
c = Clubs
d = Diamonds
x = Any card

A Kicker - A single high card, usually the 5th card in a hand, that is used to break a tie

Who shows their hand first in poker?

Ok recently we have been having a debate at the casino as to who has to show their hand first when betting action is complete. Different places have different rules. The basic rules are: If there is a bet in the last round then it’s the person who made the bet (or last bettor) who must show their hand first. If the hand is called. It would then go clockwise from them. Usually, if you have a winning hand you should show it reasonably quickly (if not you could be “slow rolling”). On that rule everyone basically agrees. The debate comes in when the last round of betting is checked around. Some places say that who ever was the last person to bet, no matter what round that was, is the first to show their hand. Other places say that if there is no action then the person clockwise from the button is first to show their hand. I cant say which is really correct, but I believe very strongly in one. Some of the arguments I have had at the table were as heated as if we were talking about religion or something. So if you disagree with my opinion fee free to share your reasons for the other side.

The first person to show their hand after the last round of betting is checked is the person clockwise from the button. Even if he was not the last person to bet. My reason for this is that I believe that’s what the rules say. Every round of action starts at the button and continues around in circles until all bets are matched. Just because a person bet the turn does not mean that they are first to act on the river. Some people say that that only goes for betting. It does not say that in the rules, it says “to act” and showing your hand is an action. Another hypothetical that can help to disprove the other method is this; What if everyone called the hand and then the entire hand was checked down to the river with no betting, who would be the first to show their hand? Small blind? You would think so, but they were not the last person to bet, actually the big blind was.

Here is another argument for the last bettor to show their poker hand first. I hear people say that its not fair that a person can bet all the way and check the river then not have to show. To that I say, “not fair” are you telling me that having position in a hand is “not fair”?? Yes it is an advantage and no it should not be fair. I would love to hear more arguments on this topic, this is kind of like preparing myself for the next debate at the tables.


As I had said above some people, who don’t know any better, slow roll other players on the show down. Its when a person waits for a period of time long enough that the first person to show their hand begins to think they have won. You then slowly roll over your hand and surprise him that they have lost. The length of time can be different, especially with more players in the hand. Now this is not illegal, but its one of the biggest a** h*** things you can do at a table. Its not like showing a bluff, which may anger someone but it is acceptable. All poker regulars would agree that slow rolling is band by the unwritten rules of poker.

April 14, 2007

Playing Poker Really Well

The last few days I have been feeling really good about my game. Because of that I am winning a lot. I have been able to make really good reads on people to the point where they get mad at me for the kind of calls I make on them. Here is one example.

I had been playing against this guy for about 4 hours. He has not stepped out of line all night. Here is the back ground information that I used for the hand. He was getting ready to go home, and so had already had one drink (something on the rocks) and was half way through a second. The hand before I was quite sure that he got away with a bluff because he was taunting a really poor player in a way that made me think he had nothing. And after it almost turned into bragging type of taunting. Like making a gesture like his heart was racing or something. That alone made me think that his mental state had been changed from the two drinks.

The very next hand he was in the bb and I was in the sb. The same soft player had open limped in late position. I called with 36o and bb checked. The flop was 873 two spades. I took the lead betting out and just the bb called. The turn card was a T and before I bet I thought it was a card that should scare me so I expected him to raise me. I still bet and he did raise me. Now he could have had J10, 10,9 or 9J. He could have had a lot of hands. But for some reason I just got the feeling that he had nothing but a flush draw. So I threw in the chips to see his action on the river. The river was an 8. Now that should have been a scare card for a lot of hands and thought he would check. But he still bet. I thought about it for a while and then finally called. He said nice call and then turned over AJs, for a missed spade draw. When I turned over my hand he started to belittle me about what a bad play I made. Maybe it was, but I said I have a problem folding heads up when I think I am ahead. He went on for a while about how bad I am, and I said I would continue the conversation after I was done stacking my chips. I don’t think he was happy about that either but the fact that he was a sore loser was aggravating me.

As a short disclaimer to this play, I would never do this in a small limit game. The reason for that is that you have no chance of completely bluffing the hand. I know I can out play the two other players and they are “good” enough to fold a pair. If I was in the game 1 month ago I would never call with 3,6o.

Over the last few weeks I have been trying to come up with as many poker tells that I can think of so sometime soon I will post what I come up with. While I play I usually make little notes on small pices of paper and write about them when I have time well right now I have a desk full of papers and very little time to write them out.

Omaha Poker Rules

There are several different Omaha Poker Rules. There are two general types of rules and three general types of betting. You can read either Omaha Poker Rules or High Low Omaha Poker Rules. If you want to learn Hi/Lo Omaha you should read both sections. Betting structure can be either Structured, Pot Limit or No Limit.

Omaha Poker is another community card poker game. This means that several cards are shared by everyone, with each player having cards to improve on the community cards. If you already know Texas Holdem Rules then Omaha Poker is not a lot different. All the action is the same, just the number of cards are different.

The first and most important rule to remember as a beginner Omaha player is that you MUST and can ONLY use TWO cards in your hand. And you MUST and can ONLY use three cards from the community cards.

The construction of a Omaha game are as follows. There is a button that represents the “dealer” the person clockwise from the button is the first to act. They are also responsible for putting up a small blind (SB) before the cards are dealt. The next player clockwise from the Small Blind (SB) is the Big Blind (BB). In general the small blind is usually half of the big blind, or rounded off to the nearest common chip in the game. For example in a 15-30 game, the basic chip is usually the $5 chip. The big blind would be $15 and the small blind would be either $5 or $10. Where chips are not used it is sometimes $7.50 (online). The size of the Big blind determines the average size of the pot and amount of money you need to play. In limit games it would be the size of the smaller minimum bet. These two bets are called blinds because you have to put in the bets blind, without seeing your cards.

The purpose of the blinds are two fold. First it acts as an ante, which builds a small pot. Instead of everyone putting in a small ante every hand, two players take turns each hand. The second reason for the BB is that is starts the betting action. Anyone who wants to continue playing must call the Big Blind Bet.

The dealer will start by giving the first card to the person clockwise from the button, SB. Each player is dealt 4 cards face down. Now since the SB and BB have already acted before the cards were dealt the person clockwise from the BB is first to act. They may either call the BB or they can Raise. Each player acts in turn going clockwise making sure to either call or raise the amount bet to their right. Once all players have either folded or matched the highest you move on to the flop.

In Omaha Poker the “Flop” is the first three community cards that are dealt out at once. The betting action starts again clockwise from the button. The first player may either Check or bet. Checking means that they don’t want to make a bet and since there is no bet to call, they don’t need to fold. Checking is the same as passing. Once there is a bet players must either fold their hand, Call the Bet, or Raise. Once the action is all complete the dealer deals a fourth community card

The fourth card is called the Turn. The action starts again and is completed in a clockwise rotation.

The Fifth card is called the River. The river is the last community card dealt and players now need to determine the final strength of their hand. The betting action goes one final round. If there is a called bet or no bet at all, the last person to make a bet must first show their hand. If any player has a better hand they show next. The best hand is determined by the best three cards from the flop and the best two in your hand of 4. Remember that you MUST use exactly two cards from your 4 and exactly 3 from the community cards. If there is a flush on the five community cards then you only have a flush if you also have two cards of that suit.

The best Omaha poker hand wins the pot. If you are looking for Poker Hand Ranking there is another post that talks about that.

Structured Omaha rules say that you predetermine the amount you may bet during each round of betting. Omaha had four rounds of bets, the first two betting rounds are usually half the second two rounds. For example, a 5-10 game would mean that the BB would be $5 all bets and raises must be in increments of $5 for the first two rounds of bets. $5 bet, $5 raise, $5 reraise would be a total of $15, but no player may make a $15 bet. On the Turn and River everything is in increments of $10.

Pot Limit Omaha rules say that any player may bet the min of the BB up to the total value of all the money in the pot. For example; if the SB is 5, the BB is 10 one person has called the 10 and you want to raise the max. First you must call the $10 bet then you find out the total size of the pot. Which is $35. You may raise the pot $35 but it will cost you a total of $10 (call) + $35 (raise). Anyone else may then raise $105 more, (5 + 10 + 10 + 10 + 35 + 35 (your call)) = 105.

No Limit Omaha Rules state that any player may bet any amount up to the amount of money they have on the table. You cant go into your pocket during the hand. Another player may call with less chips but only the amount up to the smaller stack will go into the pot. No Limit Holdem is the most common structure of betting that you see on TV so most people will have the general idea.

If you have any problems with understanding these Omaha poker rules please let me know so that I can clarify them for the next person and answer any questions. You can also read more about Omaha in the Omaha hi lo Poker rules.

If you are looking for Texas Holdem Rules, Seven Card Stud Rules or Poker Hand Ranking click the links. New game rules will be posted in the right column.

April 19, 2007

Poker Dreams

I have been playing poker almost every day for more then a month now. I have been racking up quite a few hours. I am starting to get signs that I might be playing too much. Last night I had a nightmare about poker. It was so stressful that I couldn’t go back to sleep for at least ten minutes. Ok here it is

I was playing in a hand and I had bottom set and another player had top set. We put a lot of action in on the turn and on the river I made quads. We went about 6 bets on the river. When he finally called he turned his hand over and so did I. Now for some reason the dealer mucked his hand and the flop and began to push him the pot. I protested that I had the winning hand and he then replied that he couldn’t remember what the flop was. So he said he would need to call the floor over but until then he had to give the other guy this giant pot. I franticly look for a floor person, but there is none to be found. As this is all going on the other player is stacking all the chips from the pot into his stack. So we now wont know how much money was in the pot. The dealer even moves on to the next hand and I am getting very stressed out. That’s when I woke up. My heart was racing. I kept telling myself, its just a dream, don’t worry about the money. It took me a while to get over it.

Its kind of funny that I had forgot about all the dreams I use to have about poker. Not the hopes and future plans kind of dreams, but the night time dreams. Some were good and some were bad but when all you do is play poker all day for a month what else am I going to dream about?

Now I know I am not the only one out there dreaming about poker so I would love to hear some other dreams you guys might be having. You can leave out the ones where someone ends up naked, I have had those too.

How to Spot Poker Tells

I figured I would start off with how to spot tells. The best way and most reliable way that I have found, is to figure out your own tells. Pay attention to what you do with a big hand and on a bluff. Where do you look, what do your hands do, how is your breathing, and what are you saying? Pay particular attention to the differences between good and bad hands. Now not everything you do will be the same in other people but you will find that some people are exactly like you.

An off the topic place I have learned to find tells is from nature. If you have ever seen a good special on apes in the wild you will get a lot of good information about the natural instincts of people. Posture and eye movement has a lot to do with peoples inner emotions.

Its very important to remember is that spotting a tell on someone may save you money in only one or two hands. That’s usually about it when playing in a full game. Unless you are going to play against this person all the time. So keep this in mind, you don’t want to pay people off just to see if you have a good read on them, or their tell. That’s why its so important to pay attention to other players when you are not in the hand. I will often just stare at a player when I am not involved. Usually they don’t look at you so you can watch everything that they do with out feeling awkward. You then need to see the tell when someone else pays them off. That way you get your information for free. Its pointless work if it costs you several big bets to verify the tell and it only saves you a few big bets using the tell.

There are some books out there, the ultimate guide to poker tells and caros book of poker tells are two. I have not read either book mostly because I was already good at picking up tells when the book came out. But to be honest I have heard so many good things about Caros book of poker tells that I really should read it. The other reason is that

Usually the first step I like to take is to spot a pattern in another player. Sometimes people change their seat position, talk a lot, or take a drink. These are all things I like to look for. Now alone they usually mean nothing, but when someone always talks and then suddenly they have a hand where they are very quiet….That’s a tell. What kind of a tell will be different for everyone, but usually its an extreme, really good or really bad.

So what you are really looking for is differences in “normal” actions. You cant notice a difference if you don’t have a good idea on what their normal betting patterns are.

Now some tells are inherently confident and some are the result of no confidence or lack of concentration. An example of a confident tell would be when someone looks at you waiting for you to call and when you make eye contact with them they don’t look away. In nature that is a threat, and in poker you should be afraid. You also want to remember that some players are so confident in their game that they could have nothing but know you are going to fold. So that could also be the confidence that you see in their eyes.

An example of an unconfident tell is from playing with chips. Many players like to shuffle chips all day long. I am one of them. What you want to look for is when they mess up their shuffle when a scare card comes out. The second tell is when a person goes to grab chips out from their stack and they drop or knock over a bunch of chips. Both of these can be the result of lack of confidence and lack of concentration. They are not thinking about making the bet, but thinking about are you going to call the bet. Now it does not always mean that they are going to fold their hand to a raise, but they will think they are losing and make a crying call. Now one obvious disclaimer to this tell is for very new players. If they don’t know how to play with chips they may drop them all day. So you have to see how good they are at playing with chips when they are not in a hand to get a relative point for comparison.

Now here is a tell that could go either way. That is deep breathing or fast heart rate. Now its really tough to spot someone’s heart rate from across the table but it can be done. If you look at a person’s neck you can usually see if their jugular vein is pulsing. The breathing is much easier to spot and the information is the same. The only thing this means is that they are very nervous about something. But without past information you cant tell what. Some people get very nervous if they are on a bluff. Obviously they don’t want you to call or they will lose their money. Some people get nervous when they have a really good hand. That’s because they know they are going to put in a lot of money and could get out drawn and lose a lot of money. So as a general statement when someone is nervous preflop, on the flop or on the turn, they usually have a good hand. When someone is nervous on the river, they may be on a bluff.

Posture is very important in poker. Players should try to sit straight up in their chair for both health reasons and for poker reasons. When a player leans back in their chair its very easy to see how deep a person is breathing. Also when your shoulders are pulled in and your back is hunched over that can be a sign of weakness. You want to make sure that you look comfortable and not too stiff. Some people can give off a read by betting on each street and looking around the room after each bet. Then on the river they make their last bet and then freeze like a statue. Lots of times this is because they don’t want to do anything to make you call. Some good players do it to make you call.

Using the tell to your advantage is important. There are two uses to a poker tell. Calling someone when they are bluffing is the most common use. The other is out playing someone when they are bluffing. You may have nothing but they have a better nothing. Or they may just look so weak that you know they will fold their hand. You want to have enough confidence in your game and information that you can do either.

Forcing a tell out of someone. A method I like to do to acquire information from a player is to simply ask. I’ll say “what do you have” Make sure its not a yes or no question, you want them to have to say as many words as possible. Now I only like to do this on the river when I have to make a call. The reason for that is that it also gives him a lot of information about your hand. Now I only use it once, maybe twice a day. Its really the shock factor that gives you the best information. Once they have heard the question they can prepare an answer for the next time you ask.

Its also very important not to tell people at the table what tells you know or even that you are looking for tells. Once you do you can no longer rely on the information because other players could be giving you misinformation. In the reverse it can be very profitable if you can accomplish the art of making a tell with out looking like you are trying to make a tell. You have to be very careful with this one, because sometimes trying to make a tell can be a tell.

Its important to remember that poker is a game of acquiring information and controlling the information that others acquire. After a hand is over don’t tell people what you really had. If they ask you its usually to acquire information about you. I don’t like to say that I wont tell them. Instead I control the information by lying about what I had. In the games I play it becomes funny how extreme everyone lies about their cards, especially when they get caught. I tend to lose respect for players who are honest about what they had all the time. Mostly because they don’t understand the consequences of doing so.

If anyone has read caros book of poker tells and this post would you please let me know how the two relate. Does he seem to agree with most of what I say or not. Also if you go out and use this information I would be very happy to hear how it helps you out. So come back and post a comment.

If you like this post on poker tells, could you please do a direct link to this post’s permalink page. That way others can find it and help me with traffic. I will be happy to make more posts if it gets a positive response.

April 25, 2007

Just an Update

Well this last week I caught a really bad cold and cough, so to spare the other players at the table, I took the week off. I really needed a break anyway. I was starting to get that feeling that I was going to work again. So I don’t really have any direct poker stories to talk about, but I did remember another tell. Now I really don’t know how well this will translate onto other players. It is very specific to one player, but learning what others do is always helpful.

This was an older woman (60’s) who played every day. So she knew a lot of other players in the game. What she liked to do is show her “friends” her cards if they were not in the game. If she only showed one card it was almost always an Ace. If she showed two cards it was usually either two big cards that I would have raised, or any pair. On the big hands she would usually make some kind of comment to the player next to her about how she was going to lose to some bad player. I don’t really think that you can get a lot of useful information out of when she shows two cards, but the showing one card could be very helpful. Now unless people have been talking about any particular card, usually the only card a player will show preflop is an Ace. Remember this is all preflop. This was also when I was playing in a smaller game. It was just another tell I thought of sitting around.

April 29, 2007


I played yesterday and it was almost a waste of time. I played for almost 14 hours which ended at 4am and really didn’t make much money at all. There was this one fish who couldn’t do anything right. Unfortunately what ever he did against me, the turn or river would make his stupid play good for him. This guy just turned 21 (ID’d for drinking vodka straight up) his hands were constantly shaking when he was in a hand. He always open limped and he didn’t put other people on hands. He would reraise people with hands that I wouldn’t even call with. So put simply this guy was testing my resistance to tilt. Eventually he won and I had to leave.

At one point the entire table tried to teach him how to handle chips. Every time it would come to him it would slow the game down watching him count out his chips into little stacks. He would then try to push in 4 little stacks at once with one hand. Then it was really painful to see him try and shuffle chips. He didn’t use his fingers. He would try to do it all with the palm of his hand and they kept falling over.

I am obviously still on tilt from all the rivers he would hit on me. Then he would just give all his chips to other people. Soooo frustrating.

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