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Poker Moves

Ok I have made a few poker moves this week. The first was that I was able to get my bank roll to a point where I could move up in limits again. I am getting closer to where I am use to playing. Not only that I have felt very good at the table and was able to have 4 out of 5 winning days. I put in about 60 hours of play in and its nice to be a winning poker player again. You hear that Google….winning poker player!

So now that I have moved up again I am able to break out some of my old moves that now can really make me some money. My favorite of the week is the raise on the turn in position with the plan to check the river if I don’t improve. Now I only do this if I think I am already winning but only by a little. These hands are usually only marginal hands, top pair ish, so if I get 3 bet I will usually just fold. Depending on the amount of respect I have for the other player. If they just call and I don’t improve then I check the river and it costs me the same as if they just bet, bet the turn and river. If I do improve I bet the river and get an extra bet. The best part about this move is that if you do it on scare cards sometimes it will get players to fold better hands. If you have their respect. This random play will have the effect of increasing your winning pots because even if you lose the hand people will then have to call your raises on the turn more often. Any way try it out and let me know what you think, it definitely works better when playing in larger games so use it very carefully in low limits because it tends to lose its effect.

Like I said I am riding the poker high right now and off to play more poker. It turns out that having my water heater catch on fire last week was the spark I needed to get in the grove. Good luck to everyone at the tables, I am off to hopefully another winning poker session.


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Raising the turn is old school.

1st Rule:

It may be old school but it still works well. Some people were not around in "old school" so i figured i would share it with them.

I'm glad to see you are doing better as of late. I have gone through a real rough patch myself lately.

Keep up the good work, and keep on blogging.


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