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Google, I thought we were friends?

This blog post is brought to you by my obsessive nature. I always like to check what my sites stats are, how many hits I have, how many return visitors and what key words people use to find my site. I know, from reading, other people like to do this as well. Well this month noticed something. Two new key phrases showed up, “I always lose in poker” and “drunk poker” now my first reaction was who is searching for drunk poker? Does that person really think that there is a correct way to play drunk poker, as if its different then regular sober poker.

I was also a little insulted by someone searching and finding MY blog for the terms “ I always lose in poker” I mean really what is Google trying to say? Now I don’t think I have ever used the second phrase before, so they are using their magical algorithms that say that I would be a good place to find out about “ I always lose in poker”.

Then I thought about it a little more and wondered if it was the same person searching the web. Maybe the guy looking for drunk poker also always loses in poker. That would make the most sense. In that case maybe they would be better off searching for sober poker, or good poker maybe even how to play poker. I think they would all be better then drunk poker.

For my own knowledge, I like to figure out why a person searched for a term, and if they made a mistake, I will usually guess what they were really looking for. It helps me to understand the psychology of searching. it’s a good skill to learn if you are trying to increase any sites traffic. If anyone is looking for a good tracking site I use statcounter.com It has lots if info and its all free. They ask you to pay for it if you get above a specific number of hits, but its not required. For use on a blog most people will not hit the free limits of like 9000 a month.


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Don't feel bad . . . I found a couple of weeks ago that someone searching "shemale" had landed on my site!

(I did write a post about playing online as one's opposite sex, though didn't use that term, I don't believe.)

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