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“What a fish I am”

Well I had gone to the casino early today so that I wouldn’t get stuck in the long lines that start to build around noon. I was able to get in a new game that had no regulars. It was early enough so they didn’t make it a must move so I was happy to be stuck with them. Everyone seemed to play tight passive. So I almost always knew what they had. Several times I was able to call in position with no draw knowing that most likely a bet or raise would win the hand on the turn. It was a really good feeling that its been a little while since I had it. With no other way to explain it but I was in the zone. I was quite accurate at putting people on hands right on the flop, and became very accurate on the turn. My favorite feeling was being able to put on a bluff which usually makes me a little nervous, but then looking at the person and relaxing because I know I have won before he even knows he is going to fold. It helps to be getting some really good hands to show down which kept my image very tight. AA vs. KK won, KK vs. AA I flopped a set, JJ vs. AK flop KJJ, Those were the kinds of hands I was getting and holding up.

So as the day is going on the person to my left keeps getting up and walking around the casino and poker room. Every time there was a pause in the game he got up and left. Well he finally left and he was 3rd man walking. If you don’t know what that is, it is designed to keep live games full so if you are the third person who leaves the table you only have a very short period of time to get back. Anyway, he stormed off and the dealer tried to say that he was going to get picked up. We all told the dealer that we wouldn’t let him (the dealer) do that. One person commented that that guy was the only reason that he was in the game. So when he comes back he already has his second beer, and every, EVERY, time the waitress comes back he gets another. After a while he starts mumbling about every hand, even ones that he’s not in. He says things like, mother F**ker, “that D**k head” and making fun of people going to the river for flush draws exclaiming that they sucked out. So finally he is in a hand which he check raises the flop with bottom pair. The turn he makes Aces up but it also makes the flush and he goes another 3 bets with the person. The river is the 4th diamond and he check calls. Although the 2nd guy had the flush on the turn the drunk goes on a rant of how he went runner runner to suck out on him. He was almost all in on that hand so he yells out “What a fish I am, What a fish I am” The funny part is that I really don’t think HE thought that he was a fish. He then stormed off from the table again and I watched him go straight to the ATM. This made me happy but when he came back he bought back in with 5 times the min buy in. My jaw dropped and I think I had to catch some of the drool before it hit the table. The entire situation was funny, it kind of sucked when he went on a winning streak and won 4 out of 5 hands. But as we all knew he was going to give it all back.


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Great post - those are great situations, I was in one at the Luxor - very profitable.

We will call the little Donkey - Chip

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