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So Whats the Point?

I played the last two days with the last of my bank roll. I lost the first half the first day and bought in with the second and last half today. I was able to start out with a few small wins and was never down for the day. That’s always nice when you need a win. That’s what I get for keeping my poker roll so small. I was up a lot more half way through the day but I really wanted to put a lot of hours in so I kept playing. Even when it dropped down to 5 handed. I really should have left then because the people I was playing against were very poor full table players but their game would be perfect for short handed. Anyway I was really hoping that the game would fill up. Which it did just not fast enough. At my peak I was up twice what I lost yesterday but now I was only up a little more. So after 7 hours of play I took off. I didn’t want to ruin my night if I came home with out an over all win over the two days. Especially after being up so much. So over all I am not really ecstatic about what I won but at least I am not down.

I was really looking for something that happened in the last two days that would be fun or funny to talk about, but there really wasn’t any thing worth talking about. I guess this is going to just have to be a dull post. With little to no real value. Maybe someone can get something out of my kind of bank roll management. Although I have a unique style and none of my other friends agree with what I do. They are more of play as many hours as you can and don’t worry about your stack. I guess that’s the most profitable way to play but I am not sure it gives you the most satisfaction in your life. By quitting when I did I get to sleep well. I would have really only wanted to play for another hour maybe two at the most. In that time I could have won more money, but if I had lost more I would have come home feeling more like I lost. You guys make the call. Do you like to play for hours or for stack size? There we go. I came up with a point. I knew I could find one in here somewhere.


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I hear you with BR management. I only have a few bucks in 1 site and about $200 in another. I sometimes play weak because I don't have the money to back it up. It hurts my game.

Ever since this Neteller thing, I need to find a site that'll be as easy, reliable, fast, and trustworthy.


Stack size all the way.

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