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This is just an after thought to chip shuffling. If you absolutely do have to play with your chips at the table always use the smallest chip possible. I have lost more then a few chips while doing different chip tricks. Usually its something I am doing while not thinking about it. I usually don’t know how many chips I have and the player next to me just won a pot. Then all of a sudden I think I might have dropped a chip but not sure if I dropped two or just one. There is one chip next to my hand and one that is a little closer to the other player stacking his previous pot. I ask him if its his chip and usually they say I don’t know. Sometimes I get the chip and sometimes I flip for it. Either way I know over the long run I have lost chips that were mine. So at least make that the chip you lose is as smallest in your game. You should only play with the $1 chips.


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Im glad I dont shuffle chips, the rake is hard enough to beat on some days at the casino.

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