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Its back to the real world

Well I am back from the beach and home in the below freezing temps. It was a great time. The poker night was kind of like what thought it would be, and that is just entertainment and luck. There were 21 people in the tournament. Two tables one of 10 and we squeezed 11 at the other. Several people had very little experience with poker and had to be explained the rules. Now poker, well all gambling is illegal in the Caymans so there was a 10 entry fee and the prizes were bar tabs, bottles of rum and rum cakes. I brought a 6 pack and had 3 before the game started. The blind structure was very fast and so you had to play fast. I was able to steal 7 limpers money with AK and then lost a few small pots with only small bets trying to steal. My final down fall was with 9 people left (bubble boy) I tried to steal the BB from the SB with K7 and 84 called me because he said he had to. It was not a suited 84 if you were wondering and he did not have a lot of chips, and only a very few if he lost. So he hit his 8 and I was sent packing.

One neat outcome from this is I got to talk to 4 guys I met down there who were war veterans and purple heart recipients. Three of them had lost one leg from the knee down and one had lost both legs and half a hand. They were all in very good sprits, lots of fun and the life of the party most of the places they went through out the resort. Everyone took care of them, I am not sure they had to pay for a thing the entire time they were there. The condo was given to them to get a break from rehabilitation and people congratulated and thanked them all week. The Budweiser and Miller trucks both came by and gave them all the beer they wanted. Every night someone took them out to dinner and trips around the island were also complementary of the resort owner. There was even an article in the local news paper. Well my point was that it both brought the reality of war closer to me and it also showed how great people can be in taking care of those who do fight for me. Regardless of if you are for or against the war, the soldiers fight regardless and can always use our support.

Ok well I am done with all that and will soon be back to poker.


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The poker sounds like fun!

As for the rest, yes, it is heartwarming to see people's generosity and spirit.

84 off suit? Nailed on winner lol:)

Welcome back. Glad to hear it was a great time and that you met some quality people.

I like your comments about the soldiers. I agree 100% with what you had to say!

jack Van Der Kar:

How do I handle a loose player in a no limit or limit game that is constantly raising everytime you bet. When you have a short stack and the cards are not comming to you. You can't draw suited connectors or high pairs. and yours stack is getting dangerously short.
jack Van Der Kar


I would like to know what the rules are.
example: Ace , 1pair , 2pair , 3 of a kind ,
sraight , full house , flush ,4of a kind ,
and roul flush . is that right .
thanks reinhard.

1st Rule:

No thats not correct. I listed the correct order in a new post so that everyone can read it. Here is a link to the post:

Poker Hand Ranking

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