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The New Look

Ok, Well today I decided to redesign my blog. Now I know very little about Cascading Style Sheets, Templates, Modules, XHTML or what ever else I need to know. So basically I went online and tried to find something to reed up on the info. Well I found too much stuff. I was over whelmed with stuff and it just gave me a headache reading it all. So after a break, I went back to trial and error. I finally figured out how to change the colors. Once I got that figured out I was able to design a new image for the top banner. Its not great yet but I wanted to put something together to see if I could get it all working correctly. Anyway, It took me a while to figure out how to get it to show up online. So after a full day of working on this thing this is what the result is. I have a little more work to do, maybe edit the top image so the text at the top is more clear, but I think it’s a little better then before.

So obviously I didn’t play any poker today. If you have come here today looking for poker stories, Sorry, check back tomorrow night. I am planning a full day of poker. See some of you at the tables.


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I was well impressed with your site, keep up the hard work!

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