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Not my Day

Well this will sum up my day. WARNING: BAD BEAT STORY After not winning a hand larger then the blinds in hours this is what happened. Three other limpers and I am in the BB with K5 hearts. I have almost lost my daily buy in so I wanted to play the hand extra cautious. The hand comes out K Q 2 so I check to see how others act. I want nothing to do with getting stuck in the hand for two bets. And happy to get a queen to bet or call me on the turn if nobody has a king. The flop is checked around and the turn is a 4. Making two Diamonds. I lead out with a bet the first two quickly fold and the button looks at me for a while. I almost turn my hand over because I just want to win one hand, but stop myself because I know I need to maximize all winning hands if I ever want to get even. He thinks for a while and calls. The river is a 2, pairing the 2’s. I bet out thinking that there is no way this person would have called me with a two and want him to pay me off with a bad queen or a mid pair. He actually says, “ I feel bad, so I wont raise you. I think I rivered you” And turns over 2-3 suited.

I said well that’s a sign. I didn’t pay my small blind and got up from the table and went home. Then went for a long walk for a long walk with my dog to burn off some energy. Oh well yet another day full of bad plays and bad luck.


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