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My Favorite hand of the day

It all started out with a mistake on my part. I had not had a good hand for a while and was a little frustrated. I look down and have AQ off. Someone early raises and it is quickly folded to me, I three bet. Right after I put in the chips I think to myself OH SHIT! I didn’t really want to do that. The person who raised is a 30’s woman who has been playing textbook. There is no way she would have raised a hand less then AQ off so I know that I am behind, hopefully not WAY behind. Kind of surprised that the BB calls the three bets but he is a bad player and would call with a number of marginally good hands. I am happy when the woman does not 4 bet because I know she does not have AA, KK and probably not QQ. So at least I have outs. I also think I can get her to fold AK if she misses the flop. The flop comes out all rags two hearts. I think its 2, 4, 8. Which is not a bad flop if I can get everyone to fold on the flop. It is checked to me and I through out the bet. The woman usually bets every flop where she has top pair so I think she would have bet 9s, 10s, or Js. Both players call, the big blind calls very quickly (possibly a flush draw) and the other woman looks at me first then calls. Some reason this look gives me more confidence that she has AK. The turn is another small blank. It is again checked to me and so I throw out another bet, hoping both would fold. But confident I have a flush draw beat with AQ high and want the woman to fold her hand with my bet and the over call. I know that I cant bet the river because I would beat any hand that wouldn’t call, and lose to every hand that would call, so this is my last bullet. The BB calls quickly again, the woman stares at me, then the BB. She looks back at me, and all I am thinking is PLEASE FOLD YOUR AK!!!!!!! After a long delay she does. The river is a Jack. Which I really hate, but planned on checking anyway. He checks to me, and so do I exclaiming Ace High. The woman is mad and the BB turns over AQ hearts. Now I could have won on the river, he happened to have the only hand in the deck that I would have made fold for a bet. But its still not worth it. I actually still felt like I won. I am not sure she would have folded the turn if he didn’t call, and I still couldn’t have bet the river. So I was very happy with half the pot. Especially because I had not won anything in a while.


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Extremely well played hand. That is a win when you can steal a pot away from AK, even though you had to chop it with another AQ.

Nothing better in poker than winning a pot whilst behind.
Great read.

Yes, always nice to push the better hand out (& sometimes diff. to do in limit). Yr read that she was a thinker made all the difference here.

Great read and well played. You can't worry about the chop in that situation. You knocked out the hand that beat you and betting the river there had no equity excet against one hand, and it's just not worth throwing out a bet on the chance that he has the exact same hand as you do.

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