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Merry Christmas to ME, ITS A NEW HAT!!

All the shopping is done and all the presents are under the tree. It has been a busy week with very little poker. So there is not a lot to talk about related to that. I would like to wish everyone happy holidays and hope everyone stays safe and secure this time of year.

For the last few months I have been looking for a new hat to wear while I play cards. I always wear some kind of baseball cap while I play, but never sunglasses. Now I haven’t really noticed this happening but I have built up a collection of hats doing this. I usually use the same cap until it gets dirty then I move on to a new one. Well I have gone back and washed a bunch of them and they came out great, using just hot water and soap.

So anyway I was out shopping mostly for Christmas presents, but I usually buy stuff for myself also. I was in a store and I stumbled on this new hat and I thought it was perfect for the next time I play. It was cheap so I bought it. When I got it home It got me thinking about all the other things people wear at the table. Everyone seems to have their “Poker Clothes”. For some people its just a hat, some dress nice, I like to dress comfortable. I usually put something on that has several layers, you can never really tell what the temp is going to be in a casino. Now I could really care less if things match perfectly. I actually kind of make fun of the people who wear sweat “outfits”. There is one guy I know who only has three outfits and because he only comes once a month, puts on one of the three every time.

If all my clothes are clean I like to have a hooded sweatshirt. I have one that kind of bunches a little around my neck which I like incase people are trying to look at my throat for heart beats. For pants I usually have a pair of wind pants. Nobody ever really sees your pants so they just have to be comfortable. So anyway back to my point. I express myself a little in my hat that I have. I like to have something on the hat that is interesting, or a conversation starter. I stay away from sports teams , instead try to have something that symbols something. Double meanings to me are another of my favorites. Which brings me to my new hat. If you play a lot or even just read about poker online this should mean something to you


What do you think? I don’t know if it makes you laugh, but I got a little chuckle. That’s really all that maters anyway. So what do you guys usually put on when you go to a casino? Every player I know goes through some process getting ready. Do you do anything interesting out there? I thought I would throw in the rest of my hat collection for you all to see. They are of places I have been or things that make me laugh.


Got to love this town


Great card room


Who does not love the nuts?


I believe in a good offence in baseball


Everyone loves a sucker


Drove all the way around the country, down the coast, across the south, up the coast then across the north. This is one of our stops.


The other side says Grand Caymon Islands Golf Club


Boutht this at Tiger's first masters as an amateur


My aunt was on the show for adopting 13 handicapped children

Come to think about it, its kind of a little history of my life. Good luck under the tree this year.


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I usually just wear a hoodie and jeans, or a hoodie and sweats. The casino I go to is ALWAYS freezing. I wear the sweat/clothes for that reason, but I always forget how cold my feet get because I wear sandals. Damn Florida Casinos!

I'd go with the Beer Nuts or the Tootsie Pop Owl hat. Both are excellent choices. When I play live, it's jeans and a hooded sweatshirt. I never go all Phil Laak and actually wear the hood, but the casinos around here are freezing inside and I can't concentrate on poker when my teeth are chattering. No sunglasses either. I can't see the cards or my opponents as well. I'm not superstitious usually, but I always wear the same hat - it has the Guiness logo on the front with the word "Strength" directly underneath.

A brown, medium-brimmed brown for me (lol).

Tootsie Pop owl brings back memories . . . ah one . . . ah two-hoo . . . ah three . . . .

When I saw a "Jordan" comment, I read it and thought, HEY THAT's NOT ME! So, here is me!

I wear a Superman t-shirt usually, so I look like a tool. I always wear a baseball cap and usually a hoodie, so I can reveal the Superman S after a big hand. It usually gets a few comments. I also try to wear a particular type of cargo pants with a silly amount of pockets. My sunglasses and case go in my ankle pocket, everything has zippers, so I don't have to worry about my bankroll falling out of my pocket or get lifted. Layers are good because I often go from hot to cold and back again about 50x per session.

It's all about creating an image, and my image is probably goofy kid who thinks he's good but is really just an aggro monkey. Fools!

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