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How I sent her head spinning

In my previous post I sent a woman on tilt This is how; With 5 limpers in the hand other then me in the big blind. The flop is 4 - 3 - 3 she is first to act and bets. Everyone folds to me with an 89 clubs. So I call her with full intentions of raising her on the turn. The turn is the 10 also giving me a club draw. So I do check raise her really only afraid that she hit the 10 with an A 10. She would have bet the A Hi thinking she was winning. Unfortunately for me she calls, but of course I make my club draw and beat her in the hand. She says that I am really lucky and I say I don’t really think it was luck. She goes on exclaiming how she had a pair, never telling me what pair she had. And making sure not to say anything until her cards were defiantly in the muck. So I figure she had a pair of 2’s. Any other hand she would have said the pair she had. If that was the case I could have hit 20 cards to win the hand. That gives me about a 43% chance to win the hand, and in my book she should have folded the 2’s on the turn. I would also like to note that I had not talked to anyone in almost an hour and was playing one of my tightest games of poker in a while. I guess my mistake was that I underestimated her level of tilt. If I knew she was going to call me down even with a pair of 2’s I should not have called the flop. But after the turn comes out I would call it a winning play. You can let me know what you think about the play I can fill people in on more details if needed. I was just happy to send her head spinning.


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