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Have You Ever Seen Your Opponent?

Something in my last post and a comment by sirfwalgman got me thinking. I wonder how many people who have played more then 10,000 hands online, have never played in a B&M Casino? I don’t know the answer to this, and suspect that it would only be people who are under age or don’t live near a casino. But even that leaves an awful lot of people in the world.

In the past it use to be that a player would learn the etiquette of poker from other people at the table. Usually there would only be one maybe two people who were new to the table. This would almost guarantee that someone out of the 9 other players would say something. Now a days, you could sit at a table where there isn’t a single person who knows that it IS NOT ok to jump up and cheer when you win. No matter how large the pot. Ever since one sweetish (I think) guy yelled and cheered all over tv, now everyone thinks its ok. I feel like if I keep this type of blogging up I am going to need to change the name to 1st rule of etiquette.

So back to my point. How many people who play online never play in a casino?


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