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Etiquette Table Captain

While at the table one thing that really bothers me is when players who play all the time cry out loud about their “luck” and start to take it out on others at the table. Especially when they would be so critical of others doing the same thing on any other day.

Here is what happened, I was playing in a game with two ladies on each side of the table. They both play almost every day and are both over 50. They are what I would call poker friends, that is they are always friendly to each other but would never do anything together outside of the casino. Well one woman starts to get a bad run of cards and because of this she is noticeably playing on tilt. Too many hands and calling down too much. So its actually her fault that she is losing, but all she is doing is very quietly commenting on how the lady at the other end of the table was “such a bitch sometime” “why is she still talking” The other woman did not hear a word of this one being in the 2 seat me in the 5 seat and other in the 9 seat. But I could hear every word. Slowly getting tired of hearing it I usually wont say anything because I am more then happy to let someone like that lose all their money. But she had already lost two buy ins and made a trip to the ATM and had almost lost all that. What finally set me off was when she said “I wish she would just shut her mouth” so out of the blue I said “ I wish you would shut your mouth” not happy she said “ I wasn’t talking to you” I said “ I was talking to you” not wanting to make it a huge deal I didn’t say another word, although she did.

My point here is that if you play all the time you should have more class and understanding of the game to focus your anger somewhere else. Or even, god forbid, go home. To badmouth other players for being in a good mood should never be allowed at a table. People go there for two reasons Fun and/or Money. If you are almost broke and are bringing down the table, Its time to GO.


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