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Bad Play Makes for Bad Beats

Another Beginner poker lesson for some of you. If you play bad cards you are more likely to get bad beat on the river. That’s because your hand often reaches its full potential where other players may have hands that have more outs.

People who like to play lots of little cards will be forced to draw for straights. Sometimes they even flop them, however so many people play flush draws that if one comes on the river your straight is no good. Some people call this a bad beat, which it may be. But maybe you should have never been in the hand in the first place.

I write this because I think it was my problem today. I played a number of hands that were playable hands but maybe not from the positions that I was in, or with the size of the pot. Other players then had position on me and were often able to either out play me or take advantage of their position by not allowing me to maximize my profits. Missing these bets has the same effect as losing small pots. Its money that should be in my stack but because of my play its not.


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