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A comment I posted

I wrote a comment to a quote posted at Wagering war: A gambling diary I would have just left it there for everyone to read but all comments must be OK'ed before being published. I thought it was good and took some time writing it. So I wanted everyone to read it, since its mine i figured i would post it here just incase he did not publish it. He said "Poker will continue to be with us, for sure but I believe its Golden Age of the last three years is already over. Hope you liked it." My comment was: "I find that you can feel it just from tv. Poker was just Hollywood’s latest whore. They used her as often and everywhere possible, TV commercials, game shows, and now more movies. But now every one has had a crack at her and they are starting to have a straying eye, looking for the next new fresh piece of ass. When that time comes they will be more then happy to dump her to the side, never looking back. With high profile government regulation tries to step in, it is forcing the only reputable poker rooms out of the market. The hundreds of thousands of players now looking for new places to play, some will eventually fall into a large scheme, a fraud, a poker scandal, where thousands, millions of dollars are stolen from innocent poker players from around the world forced into hiding. That is unfortunately what I think we have to look forward to in our future. On that day everyone will be out on the bubble. "


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Hey 1stRule. I like what you have to say about Hollywood using up poker like a cheap whore. I'm not 100% with you on the future where thosands are defrauded by online gambling sites. More likely, gambling will continue to seep into the public conscious, becoming more and more legitimate as the old guard retires and passes away and the Internet generation take over. Regulation will eventually happen ala the UK and we'll see a second coming of legitimate online poker. I expect it to be a cyclical industry which comes in and out of fashion, much like comic books and professional wrestling. They'll always be core players and every once in a while it'll break through to mainstream levels with a particular celebrity player or a major event.

On an unrelated note, I'm adding your link to my site. I really like what you are doing here and its a great original take on poker blogging.

If this is indeed "Prohibition II" (as George Will described the UIGEA), then what yr foreseein' would somewhat resemble what happened the first time around. Not out of the realm of possibility, by any means.

I agree with a lot of what you say here about Hollywood using poker, just like it uses everything else. Make a profit, use it up until the well runs dry, then look for the next big fad.

I don't see the legit sites going out of business. Full Tilt, Absolute, Pokerstars, BoDog. All are pretty reputable and have big names behond them. All are staying open to US players. The problem with the law is that it moves at a glacial rate. It is reactionary, not poractive. It can't even begin to keep up with the technology, so it can't hope to have any success with any regulation of the internet. The feds can't even keep kiddie porn off the net, and they are motivated to do that. I doubt they will be as motivated to stop online poker, when the law was just put in place by politicians to pander to the religious right.

There might be a scandal where people lose money (there has been - remember Pokerspot?). But I doubt that poker's waning popularity on tv will be a death sentence for poker. The game will change, but it won't disappear, and internet gaming is pretty much here to stay.

Another great post! Keep it up!

Great blog...thanks for the comment...will post you as well.

I'm actually surprised that there hasn't been a mid-tier poker site that has pulled the plug and walked away with tons of cash....but I guess pokerspot and the Dutch Boyd scandle ould count...they just didn't make the evening news...something will eventually.

What I would like to see is a US based site (Harrah's, Bellagio, etc) opening up an internet site that would allow you to earn comps at the hotels for online play. That would be a huge winner in my book.

Take care.

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