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Today is All Kings Day

I just thought it was interesting that today I made 4 kings three times today. The second hand I played in the small blind with pocket kings and lots of limpers I was willing to gamble and raised EVERYONE. The flop, although guaranteed that I would win the hand, limited how much I could make. K - K - 2 so as much as I hate to check after raising pre-flop I did. So did everyone, turn was 3 and I checked again, thinking nobody could call yet but maybe bluff. Nope check around again. So the river was another 3. With nothing to lose and the hope that any Ace high would call I tossed out a bet. I managed to get two others to call and was happy with that. The other two times I flopped a set of kings bet them and turned the four of a kind. Betting all the way and getting called down each time. So not only did I hit the quads three times but I also got paid off on the river each time.


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