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Poker Rule # 89 “Just one more Round”

As I mentioned in my last post I talked about playing just one more round. I have tried to make if a rule of mine that I never play just one more round, especially when I am down. When you are up its usually a negative EV but when you are down its an act of desperation. No matter how long you have been playing you are going to try to do in the next 10 hands what you couldn’t do the entire time you have been playing. This most often results in playing any two cards that you feel “could” win. That’s basically any two cards. It gets extremely costly when you do see the flop, you are more likely to go for gut shots, and prayers. Players never look at the correct pot odds for their draws. In ten hands people can lose a lot of extra bets. Over the long run losing ten extra bets can have a long term effect on your bets per hour ratio.

So I am going to make Poker Rule # 89 Don’t play just one more round, if you are ready to go just go.


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